What clothes are to human body, drapery is to interiors.’ Just like we buy clothes as per trend and fashion, drapery also changes as per the ongoing trend and requirements. There is a variety to choose from the maze of fabrics. There are so many options from the range of blinds to curtains and shades. An Interior Designing Student who seeks Best Interior Designing Course in Chandigarh can learn all this by joining IIFD. There is a variety of fabric to choose from like velvet, damask and silk. Choosing a right window covering is a procedure. We must have knowledge of designs that are going as per the latest trend so that they can be incorporated in our interiors.

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These are not only the elements of aesthetics but have great role in our interiors. Classroom studies at IIFD make students aware of hands to work knowledge and that’s make it the Best College for Interior Designing in Chandigarh. These elements protect our interior furniture like the couch, bed, upholstery and other wooden furniture from harmful UV rays. They are a great source of insulation from outside climate. They are excellent at providing privacy to our rooms by covering the windows and ventilators and act as soundproof material that absorbs the sound waves and does not let the sound go out of the room.

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These are also helpful in reducing the glare coming from sun rays which can affect our reading and writing activities in a room. Drapery adds style to your interiors .Just like we add statement jewellery to glam up our clothing, drapes act as style enhancers to the whole decor without which the design looks barren. A nice concept of this art can be seen at Top Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh i.e IIFD.

One of the coolest things about drapery is that it can be easily customised as per the requirements. They can be made in a variety of colors of one’s own choice. They add warmth to the interiors. In winters they are best source of insulation which keep the room warm and cozy .With the availability of so many materials and colors one can revamp the interior space and add a style statement to interiors.