How To Become a Fashion Designer

To become a fashion designer one must have complete knowledge about fashion designing techniques and skills, skills like drawing, illustrations, pattern making, sewing and other garment manufacturing related knowledge. It is not necessary to have an educational course or certifications in fashion designing but if you want to pursue fashion designing as your career then you should at least complete a formal training in Fashion Designing Course.

How does fashion designing course helps you:

• It helps in developing your creative skills in professional manners, to visualize and conceptualize a design you should be able to understand the color, texture and other parameters involved in the designing of the costume.

• To fine craft your illustration, sewing, draping and pattern making techniques, you would require a technical guidance for a qualified faculty in the field of fashion.

Fashion Design Course

• Good fashion institutes or Fashion Colleges provide the students with workshop from existing designer, which helps the budding students to enhance the knowledge in a practical manner.

How to learn fashion designing:

• There is no set age to start your course in fashion designing, but it varies from country to country. In India students after 12th class opts for this professional studies so that their career have a smooth sailing.

• Students should start with a fashion course right after their 12th exams. There is a career option between degree or diploma programs in fashion designing. The time duration of the degree programs is generally 3 years, which provide the students complete knowledge from basic to advance in the field of Fashion Designing. The diploma programs may wary from one year to two years depending upon the course curriculum.

Fashion Designing College Chandigarh

• Students should apply for fashion internship after or during the fashion designing course to gain real world experience. These internships will help in having a hassle free career for the students.

• Within the fashion field, there are many specialized course or one can say advance courses which students opts after their basic training such as

• Men’s Formal Wear, Women’s Casual Wear

• Men’s Day Wear, Men’s Evening Wear

• Women’s Formal Wear , Women’s Casual Wear

• Women’s Day Wear, Women’s Evening Wear

• Sport Wear

• Knit Wear

• Bridal Wear, Indian Bridal Wear

• Accessories Designing

• And various others


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