Floor Mats in Interior Designing & Common Mistakes

Everybody loves to lay mats and rugs in their home interiors especially, in living and drawing areas. But most of the people make these mistakes which can easily ruin their interior space. Many of them even wish to have a professional Interior Designing Courses from Best Interior Design Institute in Chandigarh. Following are some of the mistakes that must be avoided.

Interior Design Colleges

First and the most common mistake is ‘buying the smaller size’. You need a rug or a floor mat to set boundaries in your larger room or lobbies and segregate the sitting area. For that you need to buy a rug which is of appropriate size and your furniture must rest on it. One can learn to play with colors and material by going for Best Interior Designing Courses in Chandigarh. You buy a rug to ground your furniture and define the sitting area. If you skimp on the size of the rug, the room will look smaller. Therefore, make sure the rug is of appropriate size before buying it.

Interior Design Colleges

To skip the above mistake you should measure the area with the help of measuring tape before going to buy the floor mat or rug. The second mistake people do is ‘not trying layering’. Layering can make your space look more decorative and defined. If you can’t afford a larger rug or a mat then you can buy a larger neutral jute rug, which is less expensive and then layer a smaller bright patterned expensive rug over it. Many students these days have great attraction toward the Top Interior Designing Colleges in Chandigarh to make a great career in interior designing.

The third and the most annoying mistake is ‘being afraid of bright colours and patterns’. A living area with a brown coloured couch, brown coloured curtains and brown coloured mat doesn’t looks pleasing. It will look flat and boring if we will make everything monochrome. To add interest and aesthetics the rug must be of different colour and pattern than that of furniture. Want to make it more professional? Join IIFD Today for Best Interior Designing Course in Chandigarh with 100% Placements Assistance. Bright colour is responsible in creating a happy space. Avoid these three mistakes and you will never get wrong in decorating your interiors.

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