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A very small number of designers of any kind in the world can say that they do not have any type of connection with the world of art. Design by its own nature and virtue is a derivative of art and hence all designers be it fashion designer, interior or others have an instinct for artistic creations. Some designers are born with an innate gift to draw and sketch with the utmost ease and others undergo rigorous training and many times the result is the same, something astonishingly spectacular. It is very true that an eye to identify beauty and draw it out of its shell is also the job of a true artist. But, in this specific context we must focus on how designers actually become who they are and discover their talents in illustrating which is the basis of what leads to final production. Fashion Designing Courses all over the world do not even consider taking in students that are not already somewhat artistically inclined, be it sketching, painting or sculpting. This is because fashion is a very visual profession and the easiest way of depicting ideas is by drawing them.

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Today big fashion houses/businesses hire illustrators for a large sum of money because their work is what is considered as the first face of what the design would look like in the future. Without considering importance of illustration it is impossible to convince clients and buyers as to what exactly the brand or firm has to offer. Professional Fashion Designing Course provides the best knowledge in this field. To be clear they may not be an exact replica of what will be presented as the end product i.e. the models face is usually imagined and the proportions of the design vary as compared to a real life person but the gist is the same. Most fashion designing institutes tells that illustrations or sketches are of elongated figurines but that does not stop a designer from pointing out the use of the type of fabrics or design details (like smocking or beadwork) on it. We must also keep in mind that fashion illustrations are of many types and not only restricted to the illustration of clothing but also other items like jewelry, lingerie or footwear. The human body is a very complex one to understand fully just by looking at it, observation is necessary but what is key is to be able to translate what we see the way it is onto paper. Now computer aided drawing applications in Fashion Designing Courses CAD like Corel Draw or Illustrator are making the designers jobs even simpler but an able designer can never forget that a good knowledge of the human form surpasses all.

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Every illustration is unique in its own way because all designers have different workmanship and a personal expression to their ideas that Best Fashion Designing Colleges like IIFD help translate into actuality via the use of various drawing techniques. A blueprint of sorts that has been there since the beginning of fashion itself, illustrations if effectively sketched are worth billions to the marketplace as new fashion trends are what make history. IIFD offers professional Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh. One of the most important facets of fashion illustrations is that they help every generation comprehend, study and further dissect what humans during a certain period idealized.

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