How to Create Professional Fashion Design Portfolio for Job Interview

Creating an impressive portfolio is quite important for a fashion designer. A good fashion design portfolio should be professional and innovative both. It should be made with the help of the latest technology available to make it of an international standard. Portfolios can define fashion designer and his work. It is the description of his life’s work and reflects the progress in his career. Portfolios can speak volumes about fashion designing skills of fashion designers. Their originality, theme, best works and even the causes they stand up for can all be understood better.

There are some ways to create a good fashion designing portfolio:

The first step to making a solid fashion designing portfolio is to plan well. A blueprint must be created which will be a rough idea of the actual portfolio. Planning will direct you as to how you need to proceed with the portfolio and what material you need to collect before beginning the work. The sequence and arrangement can also be considered while preparing the blueprint.

The second step is to gather the required material. Gathering material can be tedious but it is the base for any profile portfolio. Material to be collected should be done in accordance to the guidelines of your specific program. Color samples, fabric samples, photographs, sketches etc. can all be a part of the material that is needed to create impressive fashion designing portfolio.

Once you start placing the material you must decide how exactly you want to arrange your material including the sequence. When keeping the sequence in mind you should showcase your strongest fashion design ideas first. Your original ideas will always have more value and presenting them well is also part of the job.

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The ideas should woven in a way that the development in your work is evident and visible. The process through which you reached your greatest fashion designing ideas is as important as the ideas themselves. The progress of your professional fashion designing career is not only interesting to others but also inspiring and thus it must be told. The struggle and the story is what makes you unique as a fashion designer so it is a core part of the portfolio. You can get idea of creating effective fashion design portfolio during your fashion designing courses from your faculties as experience helps a lot to understand the fashion designing skills and various requirements of fashion portfolio.

Selecting your best pieces can be a difficult process. While selecting one must also consider which piece will be appreciated more by the viewers. Choose pieces which reflect your ideas. Pieces that will differentiate you from other fashion designers and give you that impetus. You can also pick themes and work with them specifically. You also want to show diversity in your style. The demonstration of the range is an art. One or two pieces from various styles should be cherry picked to embroider a colorful range of styles and designs. For instance different fabrics could be used like linen, leather, silk, etc.

Finishing touches decide how professional your portfolio appears to be. Using templates and presentation cases is a good idea. Little things like using quality paper, print and equipment can make a whole lot of difference in the final presentation of the portfolio. Artistic additions can be done at this stage such as binding the loose supplements together thematically to make an impact on the viewer. And such supplement matter must also be arranged in some sequence so as to render it purposeful. Fancy labels can also give the entire portfolio an edgy look. It can be that extra goodness you want for your portfolio. But it must be kept in mind that beautification must not overshadow utility. The purpose of any portfolio is to focus on your work and at any given area it must be pertaining to that.

Lastly, after finishing your portfolio if you feel that something is missing or some aspect of the portfolio can be enhanced then you can use more significant supplements until you are satisfied that you’d like the portfolio if you were a client.

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