Must Know Measuring Tools For Fashion Design Courses

Measuring is an important method in dressmaking. One cannot make any garment fit the body properly if it is not measured accurately. Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh are providing very good knowledge on this section. Some of the tools required to measure fabric and fit while constructing garments are as follows:

Measuring tape is the most common and easily available tool that is required to measure. It is a long tape and is marked with inches and centimetres on each side. Length of the measuring tape is usually 60 inches and is around ½ inches wide. It’s easy to carry as it can be folded.

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Rulers are used while creating samples and patterns. Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh includes this chapter in their syllabus to provide detailed knowledge of fashion line. Grading scale is the appropriate ruler to be used in fashion design. It is 2 inches wide and 18 inches long. Most of the rulers used in garment constructions are of clear plastic, but some are also made of metal. To make accurate patterns, it is important to use these scales.

Another tool used in garment construction is a Yardstick or a meter scale. Fashion Designing Degree Course in Chandigarh can provide a mastery over the garment construction. These are thin metal sticks which are used to check grain lines on fabrics before tracing patterns. Yardsticks are usually around 36 or 45 inches long. Apart from grain lines, one can use a yard stick for drawing long lines on paper or fabric.

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To construct shapes and corners, an L scale is used. It is a wooden or metal scale shaped like the alphabet L. The length of the longer arm is 24 inches whereas the shorter one is 14 inches. Also a Fashion Designing Diploma Course in Chandigarh can give you a brief on shapes. The main purpose of using this scale is to draw right angled lines while drafting a pattern. Also, this scale serves the purpose of checking the right angle structure of the fabric after it has been cut. The process sis called straightening of the fabric.

Curve scales are also an important tool used for drafting patterns. Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Chandigarh provides a detailed curriculum of this field. There are two types of curved rulers; the hip curve is a scale that is used to draw the curves of the hip while drafting a skirt or pants pattern. The curve scale is accurately bent at the right angles which create the perfect curve for the hips of a human body that allows an easy and accurate fit. The other scale is the Leg curve, which is curved at the angles replicating human legs. This is used to construct patterns such as the pants and trousers as well as fitted skirts. Both the scales come in clear plastic as well as wood. So Join Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh i.e. IIFD Today to excel your knowledge beyond the level and turn it into a great career.

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