Questions for Prospective Fashion Designers

What is fashion designing?

Fashion Designing is an art of implementing one’s aesthetic in terms of color combination, print mix match, styling and accessorizing etc. in garments, footwear, jewelry and other accessories. It is a very creative field with multiple career options.

Is fashion designing easy?

It indeed is a very interesting field to work in. In order to become successful in this field certain skills are required like sewing, pattern development, sketching, color combination, ornamentation /embroidery etc. The work done is more of practical work and thus is a little time consuming. It is as easy and as complicated as any other field, depending on your personal interest.

Is any specific degree required to become a designer?

To become a successful designer one must have good aesthetic sense and knowledge of the technicalities about the field. A minimum of bachelors degree is recommended as the insights would be clearer if you pursue a degree course and your personal aesthetic will just act like an icing on the cake.

What are the subjects in fashion designing?

Fashion Designing includes more of practical subjects and some basic theories. The subject list is as follows:

Garment construction / sewing

Fashion merchandiser

Fashion designer at a design / export issue.

Fashion stylist

Fashion curator

Fashion forecaster


Entrepreneur – your own brand

Accessory designer

Fashion consultancy

Fashion Design Course in Chandigarh

Is it a good idea to be a men’s women’s or a kid’s designer?

The scope is equal in all of the above. It depends on your personal interest and the demand in the market. Whenever you plan to open your own label you should know your target market and also analyze your US as to why one should choose your brand over the other.

Can I open my own label after pursuing Fashion bachelor’s degree or a fashion design course?

One can start their own label after bachelors but is advised to have an industrial experience as you get to learn the technicalities and the drawbacks that are faced at various stages from designing of a garment to delivering the final product.

Why should you choose IIFD over other Fashion designing institutes in Chandigarh?

We at IIFD provide full knowledge and prepare the student completely to step into the market and create space for themselves. Full knowledge is provided academically and besides it we also provide industrial , visits to craft mela’s , market surveys , interactive sessions with designers and other people of the industry , internships etc. We believe in providing more practical knowledge. Also our student teacher ratio that is 10:1 makes us understand the student needs better and thus proper attention is given to students individually.

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