5 Tips to start a career in the fashion industry

The fashion industry, like every other industry is competitive. To make your mark in this industry, you must start smart. After the education is complete, one must begin to take baby steps towards their long term career goals in the fashion industry. However, if that goal is not clear yet which happens quite often, one must explore through various job profiles or areas of skill. Once this is done then all you have to do is stay put and give it your all. Persistence, endurance and hard work are key to success in the fashion industry along with talent and training. The more you try the more you learn and grow. This is the only way to climb up the fashion ladder.

So to break it down, there are some basic things to keep in mind when you are thinking of a starting point in your career.

Choose your dream career- Fashion has many branches and opportunities. At the very beginning, it is better to choose a single branch which interests you. Although you can also switch branches and enter into a completely new branch later in your career, it is good to start with grounded feet. Once you enter in this career you must proceed to the second step.

Find a good internship – The second step after choosing a specific area is to decide which company you want to intern with. It is never a good idea to begin with humongous brands for they offer very less exposure and learning. Rather than that a moderately successful brand could be opted for which gives more opportunity to explore, learn, make mistakes and grow. Pick a workplace where your role as an intern will count. This job will be the beginning of your future career. Try to focus and acquire as much knowledge, industry expertise and skills as you can.

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Build your network- Like any other industry, building a network since the very beginning is advantageous. Identify key people around you who can help you rise above your contemporaries. Your interpersonal skills will play a significant role in creating your contacts which will keep you ahead of others at all times. Network building must also be done with potential clients and followers of fashion through social media, fashion exhibitions, and directly too. Remember all you want to do at this stage is be noticed. Gradually more and more people will connect to your network which is symbol of success as a fashion professional.

Keep updating skill sets- Like any other industry, the skill set required in the fashion industry also needs updating. Whether this happens on the job or by pursuance of minor certificate courses and workshops is completely dependent of the options available at the moment but for a young fashion professional, it is an instrument to perfect their work and give an edge to it. Along with acquiring new skills, it is also important to identify every skill and pen it down on CVs. Presentation is highly valued in the fashion industry. Attractive and creative CVs gain more attention than conventional ones due to the nature of the industry.

Consistency- The last one is to be consistent. Trials and failures may slow down your career but it is essential to keep moving forward even if it is at a snail’s pace. There are dark times in the best of careers but what defines you as a professional is how you respond to it by not giving up and use that to evolve. Keeping a steady head and a determined vision you must inch forward towards progress.

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