Vastu and interior designing is more interlinked than we think. The common understanding is that Vaastu is only to be considered at the time of constructing the house. The architecture may have all Vastu rules abided by but the placing of the interior decor also makes a huge difference in shaping the vibrations of the habitat. This aura greatly impacts the inhabitants. The placing of furniture, direction of furniture, color of decor etc all make little impacts on the greater atmosphere of the house. It is surely difficult to accommodate Vastu when there is limited space and there are other practical aspects to consider but if you look at the results it renders then you will be motivated to make modifications in your home. Vaastu can lead to better health and prosperity. The changes are little but the results are great.

Before proceeding onto the literal advice, let’s understand the principle of Vastu. Vastu attempts to establish a harmony among the five elements of nature such as earth, fire, water, air and space. Colors associated to these elements must also create a balance to bring out the best in what the space offers. All eight directions also have their own significance. Each direction symbolizes something unique and the more one is aware about them, the better they will be able to plan their decor.

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Directions hold a pivotal place in Vastu. It is believed that the entrance must be east facing to let the morning rays enter the house. This hour of the day i.e., Dawn is the most auspicious because it brings a lot of positive energy with it. Positive energy in the house is like food for the environment. It can make the house a healthy and happy place to live in. Well lit rooms have a psychological impact on our minds and lives. Thus, every room must have windows and doors to allow natural light and air to come in and help you feel fresh. The studying room or library should also face east ideally as this direction is symbolic not only for positivity, but also for progress. The direction of sleeping is highly crucial for the mental and physical well being of a person. Any direction can be chosen to place the head of the bed except north. The reason is that the direction north is too much power or high energy associated with it. Sleeping with your head towards North can cause disturbed sleep or unrestful sleep which then affects your overall functioning. The pooja room is best situated in the north-east corner of the house. Irrespective of whether your pooja room is here, the north-east corner should be kept clean and tidy to uphold health and hygiene.

Colors also have a role in Vastu since every element has a corresponding color. Most importantly, the walls and furniture should be of such colors that enhance the vibrancy of your house. Colors fill life into any space, so according to your taste you can choose bright or soothing colors to make your house more lively and colorful. Dark colors should be avoided with minor exceptions. Black color should not be used in the kitchen especially. Other colors also must be in proportion to create a holistic positive effect.

All these tips can be implemented as it is or a Vastu expert could be consulted before setting up your space. Wellbeing, prosperity and positivity will flow into your lives if you try to integrate Vastu with interior décor. Many renowned interior designers have in depth knowledge about Vastu almost as if it were a part of the discipline itself. You too can reap the benefits of this knowledge.