Why 15th Century Fashion comes back in Fashion Designers Mind

The fashion during the 15th century was quite extravagant. The clothing became more voluminous and added more flair using embellishments such as jewellery, feathers and semi-precious stones. The European society gained prosperity and thus the fashion and clothing of the middle class from the cities began to change as they wore more complex clothing just like the Elites. New terms related to fashion became popular such as “Out of date” fashion. This century saw a lot of variations in clothing and fashion as well. Designers extracted few really nice concepts from this century designs and that’s what shows an importance of Best Fashion Designing Course in Chandigarh in their life.

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Women’s fashion during the 15th century saw many changes in details. They wore long gowns, with full sleeves over a kirtle or an under gown. Below the kirtle they wore chemise, or an undergarment that was sworn next to the skin. The sleeves were ornamented heavily and could be detached. The style changed from a long-waist to high waist as compared to the previous century. Many of Designs are revised from old century wearing style and the creativity all rose from Best Fashion Designing College in Chandigarh. The previous wide and shallow scooped neckline was replaced by V neckline which was cut low to reveal the decorated neckline of the Kirtle beneath. The Cotehardie became more fitted at the waist and sleeves and flared at the skirt. The sleeves had slashes in elbows to reveal the garment beneath (usually of another colour) which was a detail that was popular during this period. It was short-live style, replaced by bag sleeves. These sleeves were wide at the arm and snug at the wrist, sometimes slashed ta the front. During winters, the shoes and Houpelandes were lined with fur. Get inside the more detailed theory of stitching by pursuing Best Fashion Designing Course in Chandigarh.

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The men’s costume did not see many changes in terms of basic garments. They wore a shirt, a Doublet, breeches and a Hose under an over gown. The shirt was made of fine linen and had wide sleeves and low necklines. The Doublets had slashes in the sleeves, through with the shirt sleeves were pulled to give a puffed look. The wealthy men had their sleeves decorated with embroidery and embellishments such as appliqued braids. Nice practical and detailed knowledge on embroidery can be gained by joining Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh i.e. IIFD. The lower garment consisted of very tight Hose and long pointy shoes or thigh high boots, especially for young men. The Doublet was a decorated piece, with pleats, and embellishments especially at the back. In the Mid-century, the shirt and Doublet has High-Low hems and were shorter. As the hem kept going higher, the waist of the hose also went up to waist from hip. They had a sewn piece of fabric attached to front opening which later evolved into Codpiece. So come forward and it’s your time to give wings to your fashion designing career by Joining Top Fashion Designing College in Chandigarh i.e. Indian Institute of Fashion & Design.

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