ANCIENT GREEK FASHION : A Widespread Period Of Fashion Time

The Greek civilization has been one of the most popular and widespread period of our time. They have introduced us to great many things. The Olympics, philosophy, geometry and the alarm clock are a few examples of their wit and perseverance. Their fashion choices were very practical as well as ornamental. Fashion Applicants who wish to have Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh, also go through a long chapter on history and birth of fashion.

The ancient Greek clothing consisted of pieces of fabric wrapped around the body in various ways according to the occasion. The pieces were fastened with pins. The Greeks were a cultured and disciplines society, this their clothing also reflected their class, occupation and occasion. A basic tunic, worn by both men and women could transform into various other garments. Many garments are made by Best Fashion Designing College in Chandigarh on GREEK patterns.

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The most popular clothing for men was a tunic called Chi ton, which was made of a lighter linen material. The tunic varied in length but was tied at waist with belt and usually pinned at the seams. This highly comfortable, loose and versatile garment was perfect for the extremely hot climate of Greece. It could be draped over the shoulders. If draped on just one shoulder, it was called Commie, which was associated with horseback riding, physical labour or exercise. Many new patterns are inspired based on this approach IIFD offers lot of new techniques to students and that makes the course as Best Fashion Design Course in Chandigarh.

Greek women wore full length tunic called Pedalos, made of heavier wool. The garment was made of large rectangular pieces of fabric and was fastened with buttons, pins and brooches. During the winters, the women draped a shawl over their tunics called Himation. The cloak like garment was draped by both men and women, but best served the purpose for Greek soldiers to cover themselves during cold nights. Youths today heading toward fashion also wish to have the uniquely designed cloths and this give birth to their interest for Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh. Young boys in ancient Greece wore a short tunic, called Chlamys, whereas infants wore nothing at all.

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The Greeks were not very fond of footwear. They would often go without putting on sandals or shoes, especially at home. They would only consider leather sandals or boots during special occasions or matters of business. Greek fashion has influenced modern fashion immensely, and some of the ancient garments can be seen today, especially worn by women. Pedalos inspired gowns and dresses one of the most common Greek inspired garments even today. Wish to have a great career ahead in Garments & Fashion Designing then come and join the Top Fashion Institute in Chandigarh i.e. IIFD.

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