Art of High Sewing: Haute Couture and Its Role in Fashion

The art of High sewing is known as Haute Couture. The fashion term is derived from French, thus pronounced as “Aut-Kutyoor”. The finest and most elaborate dress making technique started in Paris in the 19th century, where the ateliers made garments on demand of the French nobility. Indian Institute of Fashion & Designing is the Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh for students who wish to have a detailed knowledge on Haute Couture. The haute couture garments are hand-made from start to finish and are custom-fit to the client’s needs and body. It takes a team of designers, seamstresses and highly skilled artisans to create a masterpiece specifically for a client. Techniques like this are precisely taught to students at IIFD Campus that makes its entire course as Best Fashion Design Course in Chandigarh. In the modern day fashion world, only the French houses that are accredited by the French Ministry of Industry are legally allowed to use the label “Haute Couture”. Back in 1937, there were around 70 haute couture ateliers in Paris, which has reduced to only 15 today.

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Haute Couture industry is a highly expensive one. Starting cost of a garment in this category is around €9000. The garments that are showcased on ramp during couture shows can be adapted and sold to clients. Price of suits adapted from the ramp is slightly low as compared to the bridal gowns. It depends on the material of the dress and number of hours spent in making the garment. One can head toward the Top Fashion Designing Colleges in Chandigarh to be a part of this Fashion world.

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There are not many customers who buy haute couture though. In fact, the fashion houses, even the famous ones, lose money on haute couture. Their main source of profits is the perfume, cosmetics accessories and leather goods. Earlier, the regular customers of the haute couture fashion were the nobles, royals and the aristocrats. Highly elaborated dresses were then worn by the European aristocrats and newly rich Americans who loved to flaunt their new lifestyle. You can also be a famous fashion designer by joining the Top Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh i.e. IIFD. Today, the clientele is young and more disperse group of people from all over the world. But mainly, top buyers of today are the women from Middle East, apart from the rich and famous people from United States, France, and Belgium.

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