A Deep Dive in-to FASHION TERMS That You Must Know

There are so many of us who indulge in fashion everyday of their lives. Yet there are few who have no clue what they are wearing. There are numerous terms in fashion which refer to particular types of garments and styles which one must know of they do not want to be caught by the fashion police. One must be looking for Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Chandigarh to do so but here is a basic terms that someone must know.

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The word fashion is derived from the Latin word Face-re, which means ‘ to do, make’. The other terms from the art are from various languages like French, Italian, and Latin. France has been called the center of fashion. The royals have always dictated the fashion scene. The dressmakers created garments specifically for the nobility according to their taste and it later on became the high class fashion trend through the times. The French took their clothes seriously. That is why it still dictates the fashion scene and most of the terms in fashion are derived from French language. But a meaningful derivation of fashion is given by Indian Institute of Fashion & Design i.e the Best Fashion Institute in Chandigarh. Some these examples are given below:

The term Couture is commonly used in the world of Fashion. We have couture shows and designers exhibit their best Couture creations. What exactly does the word Couture Mean? Its a French word, which means the Art of Dress making. A male dressmaker is called a Couturier and a Female dressmaker is called a Couturier.

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Haute Couture is a french word which means High Fashion. The ball gowns and red carpet creations come under this category. The designers proudly display their Haute Couture creations on the Runway and they are also exclusively made for one person. You can see these creations on movie premieres and high class parties.

Avante Garde is another term related to the art of dress making. These are merely means out of the box creations. Avante garde garments do not necessarily mean they can be worn on a common gathering or are practical. These garments extensively follow a theme and are mostly created for shows or costume designs for theater or movies. Some celebrities prefer to wear such garments on social gathering to catch everybody’s eyes and create a stir. For example, Lady Gaga is often seen wearing garments from this category of dressmaking. To gain a deep knowledge on the same one must search for Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh and the name comes after is IIFD Chandigarh.

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