A fashion designer is a person who sketches, either free hand or with the use of a computer to illustrate ideas for a finished product or garment.


The designer sketches ideas, usually to meet a brief. This is a creative activity, where proposals are made for shapes; proportions; the types and colors of fabrics; and trimmings.

The attitude of youth towards fashion trends

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Attitudes serving a value-expressive function (i.e., value-expressive attitudes) help people communicate their central beliefs, attitudes, and values to others through their possessions. And fashionable garments and accessories are such possessions that help people communicate who and what they are. In this context, do all people have a penchant to adore fashion trends are to be looked into in close proximity? The answer is definitely no except one exceptional section of the population: the youngsters. The youngsters comprising of adolescents (12 to 17years), teens and young allocate more time for their public appearance than to studies.


By far for many youngsters the prevailing style is jeans, cool sneakers and messy hair for men and jeans, cool sneakers and neat hair for women. But Generation Z youngsters who in fact wish to express their own style in an anonymous manner as per the view shared by the youth.
We do see a few elements like rave look, pop art style skirts printed with giant coco cola logo, tie-dyed maxi dresses and rainbow chokers barring resemblance to Generation X.


Textile industry plays a very important role in fulfilling human needs. The industry contributes to produce garments and apparels that human used in their everyday lives. Different types of textiles are used widely by humans in their activities. They used it to cover their bodies, cover their food or ripe plants from sports.
*The textile industry is primarily concerned with the design, production and distribution of yarn, cloth and clothing. The raw material may be natural or synthetic using products of the chemical industry.


A fashion designer usually imagines the garment.. And a textile designer imagines the fabric to be used…
A textile designer creates designs, patterns for fabric and develops fabric structures.
On the other side fashion designer creates designs & patterns for clothing. Fashion designer also creates designs for footwear & accessories.