Importance of Drafting & Draping in Fashion Designing Courses

It is very evident from our everyday lives as we go about our work to comprehend that all individuals go through some or the other form of training or education to get to a certain position or the type of work that they perform. In Fashion Designing What matters is the knowledge of Drafting & Pattern making which is the only way you can successfully carry out your job tasks or great career after Fashion Designing Courses. It is a gradual step by step procedure, some taking months to be able to master and others years for being expert in Drafting Methods or Techniques. Similarly, in fashion it is necessary to grasp all the components that make a successful and well respected designer. Again and again the emphasis on passion and drive cannot be stressed enough, but the right outcome of an artistic flair is being able to understand our shortcomings like drafting & pattern making and further improve on it via choosing the Best Fashion Design Course. Not everyone is born with the talent that a few prodigious beings like YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) or Lagerfeld were, which is why getting the right kind of knowledge at the right time can prove miraculous and which is why drafting is given importance in fashion designing education.

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Fashion designers are taught various aspects of designing the most rudimentary one starts with understanding textiles and color. Once all the basics that make fashion what it is today are understood thoroughly designers dive into the actual process of creation where illustrations further take the form of drafting & pattern making. In Fashion Designing Courses drafting is a highly technical and skilled technique where without the ability to interpret a design along with the understanding of garment construction, making something for a specific wearer would be difficult and probably inaccurate. For a designer Importance of Draping, pattern making or drafting begin with taking precise measurements of the person or object being dressed, where if done carefully the chances of folly during the cutting of fabric would be minimized. Correct drafting also reduces the chances of any wastage of fabric or fitting issues. It is usually done on a certain brown paper using instruments like tape measures, marking tape, tailors chalk, lead pencils for drafting, French curves, etc. Nowadays more and more designers are opting for computerized pattern making & drafting software which makes the procedure even simpler.

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Draping, the step following drafting, is the modeling of a muslin based fabric on a dress form or figure to better understand where it must be cut and where the markings must be made. What comes prior to the aforementioned step usually is the placement and pinning of the draft on the fabric but without the mental image that the draping provides it is not easy to perform especially for amateur designers. Best Fashion Designing Colleges like IIFD (Indian Institute of Fashion and Design) understand why designers must be well versed in areas like preparing slopes or blocks as they are the fundamentals for any advanced pattern maker. Today pattern drafting and Draping are considered important professions in the business of fashion designing. Role & Importance of Pattern making & Draping basically let designers have an idea of what their final look would turn out to be from imagination to reality.

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