Fabric: An Important Essence of Fashion


Clothing according to the latest trend with a perfect color combination and the appropriate fabric is very important. It is the appropriate fabric that provides unique definition to the outfit. The Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh includes various aspects of designing and providing with the knowledge of the fabric is under textile designing.

The fabric is the most important part of the outfit. A wrong choice of fabric means the wrong outfit. The creation of an outfit begins with the designing of the finest fabric for the outfit. As the technology has taken a huge development it has come up with different varieties of fabrics.

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Types of fabrics:

Cotton voile

Cotton lawn

Rayon challis





Common scenarios of fabric selection:

Infant clothing:

The skin of an infant is very sensitive. So to make an outfit for a baby the fabric that is to be used must be soft and comfortable. Cotton is the best fabric for an infant. In winters also the cotton clothes can be worn inside the woolen clothes.


The clothes of the toddlers must of such a fabric that it provides ease and comfort. A toddler sits, stand, run or even crawl so the fabric must be such that it provides comfort.

Preschool child:

At the age of 4-5, a child learns to understand the colors and comfort in clothes. Bright colors like red, yellow, blue and green become his favorite color. He goes to school, play and perform various activities. Hence the fabric that is used to make the outfit must be a comfortable on.


Adults work day and night so the fabric that is to be chosen for them must be one that is good absorbent and smooth. Generally, cotton, poplin, thin cambric must be used.

The importance of High quality of fabrics:

People looking for the perfect fabric must look for an appropriate quality of the fabric. It is the quality that adds true value to an outfit. A good quality of the fabric means higher cost but it is an important factor when deciding what clothes to wear.

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A good quality of the fabric is important because it makes wearing an outfit a pleasant experience.

Using of good quality of fabric makes the cloth durable and well to do. Even after washing them the fabric remains up to date and the quality of clothes remain well.

The best Fashion Designing Course in Chandigarh helps in imparting the best knowledge regarding choosing the best fabric.


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