Key Skills a Fashion Designer Resume Must Include

The resume of a fashion designer must speak about the talent and potential of the holder. It must reflect the qualities that make him outstanding and worth a shot in the fashion industry. Some basic fashion designer skills are demanded by the profession itself and the better you are at the skill and the way you present it through your resume will make all the difference in the opportunities you get all through your career. I lay emphasis on the fact that the presentation of the skill is as important as the proficiency in the skill. Thus, here are some fashion designing skills that need to be enhanced or polished and must be reflected in the resume of the fashion designer.

Creativity and Innovation – A designer’s art begins from an idea. Creative ideas yield to creative designs and finished outcomes. But after all it all begins with an idea and a fashion designer’s mind must know no limits in generating creative ideas. Innovation and uniqueness can only follow when the mind is free and unhindered by any limits of tradition, culture or trend. This quality of thinking out of the box must be reflected by the resume of the designer. The resume itself must be creative or innovative with information presented in a strikingly unique manner to catch the attention of employers and make a mark on their minds. This way, they will notice who you are and be interested to give you at least one chance. Well that’s all you need!

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Artistic skills – This skill of sketching and drawing can come naturally for many designers but if it doesn’t come naturally to you, it doesn’t mean that you cannot establish yourself in the industry. The skill of sketching can acquired as well. You’d be surprised to know how many fashion designers first took lessons of art to master this skill. The fact is that innate or acquired this skill is considered as basic for the processes of designing clothes and thus it must be visible from your resume very emphatically that you have honed this skill.

Interpersonal Skills– Although a practical demonstration of this skill can only take place in an interview, a fashion designer resume can also give some indications about your interpersonal skills. Firstly, an interactive fashion designer resume always works better than a dry conventional one. The more messages your fashion designing resume can convey, the more an insight can be derived about your interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills play a vital role in networking and creating the right contacts in the industry and with clients.

Business Acumen – This skill is a game changer for a Fashion designer. A designer lacking business acumen takes much longer to reach the pinnacle as compared to designers with string business acumen. It doesn’t take a business degree to develop business acumen. Some people have it naturally and the ones who don’t can learn and pick up little tricks and strategies to strengthen their business sense. With one or two experiences you’ll be good to go. Reflecting business acumen on the resume is simple. Be as professional as you can be. Follow the standards and show sincerity of purpose. This in itself is enough to prove that you mean business.

Techno Savvy- The employer must be confident after going through your resume that you are comfortable with using the gadgets of the era and that technology is not an obstacle for you. Due to the high dependence of the processes of the Fashion industry on technology, it is difficult to trust someone who is not comfortable with it. Thus, fashion designers resume should make it clear that you are computer literate and techno savvy.

These are some key skills that every fashion designers resume must reflect to make and impact on employer and impress him, get selected. All these fashion designing skills can be gained by pursuing fashion designing courses from some reputed fashion designing institute like IIFD- Indian institute of fashion and design having its campus at Chandigarh and Mohali, Punjab.

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