Impact Of Fashion On Indian Textiles

In our day to day lives, one thing every one of us follows religiously is fashion. In India, fashion is a term for status and class. Fashion not only depicts ones style statement, it also exposes their social and financial status. Thus, fashion in India is of utmost importance.

Most of the Indians have now transferred their interests from their traditional clothing towards the modern take on fashion and hence gave birth to requirement of Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh. Therefore, there have been some indications that describe the fact that Indian fashion has heavily impacted the traditional textile industry of the country. The change started when the industrial revolution brought man made fibers to the market.

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Negative impact on textiles

When industrial Revolution spread in the country, Polyester and other machine made fabrics took over the traditional hand loom industry. This impacted the Indian textiles badly. The masses preferred the fine cheap mass produced fabrics over the course and expensive handmade ones. The inexpensive substitutes of the rich fabrics changed the game for the textile industry in India. The Fashion designers picked those garments and created fabulous designs and clothing that the masses were attracted to, forgetting the weavers and hand looms of the country by completing the Best Fashion Designing Courses from Top Institutes. The rich fabrics were only left to the very few people who still value the crafts and communities who worked on the Indian traditional textiles. Thus fashion badly impacted the Indian textile industry for several decades.

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Positive impact and uplift programs

After the government and NGOs came up with uplifting programs for the weaving communities and artisans who were now starving due to decline in the handmade textiles, there began to be some positive changes in the industry. Not only was that, the new age designers shifting their focus towards the intricate crafts and weaves of the traditional textiles. The fashion shows were hosted specifically for the uplifting of these textiles and artisans which resulted in a rise in the sale of these textiles. In the modern day, we have so many high-end designers who are profusely working closely with the artisans to create amazing fashion using only the Indian textiles. Some of these designers are Ritu Kumar, who works on the Banarasi Brocade, Anita Dongre, who has closely worked with the artisans in various states to create a collection of amazing garments. Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, Rina Dhaka are other names who work on the crafts. Recently, amazon India Fashion Week held a fashion show exclusively for uplifting the Chanderi fabric from Madhya Pradesh. Likewise IIFD: Top Fashion Designing Institutes in Chandigarh also providing students a great environment of practical learning.

Thus the fashion has now positively impacted the Indian textiles with the help of fashion designers who have worked very hard to uplift the handloom industry in India. To learn more on this one should go for Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh i.e. Indian Institute of Fashion & Design- IIFD.

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