How Important are Drafting Scales in an Interior Designing Course

We are all familiar with the fifteen centimetre measuring scale we have used since childhood. From our geometry chapter in Math class to drawing kites & landscapes in the Drawing class we have used this tiny scale which we used to keep in our geometry boxes. But, except for these normal scales there are other different types of scales available in markets which are used in creative and technical fields like Architecture, Interior Designing, Diploma in Interior Designing in Chandigarh and Civil Engineering.

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Interior designing is one creative field which also deals in technicality of construction. People are becoming aware of Degree in Interior Designing in Chandigarh. There are two types of scales which are used for making drawings namely, T –Square and Set Square. T- Square is used for making horizontal lines on a sheet which is fixed to the drawing board. T-Square is a long scale which has sharp and straight edges or blade with measuring units, so that it can be moved along the working edge of the drawing board. Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh is making students use these scales for creating drawings. It has a smaller blade which is perpendicular to the measuring scale, this smaller blade is fixed along the working edge of the board and the measuring scale is laid horizontally on the sheet.

In this growing field of Interior Designing, the use of such scales is very important. Interior Design Courses in Chandigarh involve the use of these scales for drafting. For making a drawing both horizontal and vertical lines are required. Therefore, for making vertical lines on the sheet, Set Square is used. It is kept parallel to the T– Square. Hence; with the use of both the scales simultaneously, the required drawing is achieved. To excel in using these scales you must join Top Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh.

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