Introduction to Fashion Design

Fashion designing is an art of creative details. It is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other significant and other lifestyle accessories. Fashion industry has grown by leaps and bounds and that too within a decade. Fashion designers have a good visual imagination and are able to think in 3 dimensions and put their ideas into garments.

Designers should have communication skills and be able to express their ideas clearly. But most important is that they have to be very original and have fresh innovative ideas. A designer should have competitive spirit, creativity, artistic ability, sense of style, knowledge of current fashion trends, strong visualization skills, some computer skills, and decision making skills and be detail oriented.

Fashion Designing College in Chandigarh

Fashion design is considered to be a very prosperous vocational education stream not only in India but abroad as well. For being a professional fashion designer you need to seek admission in under-graduate course in Fashion after passing 12th with minimum of 50% marks. IIFD are offering under-graduate courses for 3 years and Master’s degree of 2 years. One may also opt for short term Fashion Design Courses in fashion designing such as Diploma or Advance diploma. Some colleges / institutes also offer specialized courses in fashion styling and forecasting, jewelry designing, knitwear designing , etc which are of minimum 1 or 2 years duration.

Fashion design has become highly competitive today. Fashion design education will help you understand everything about fashion design history, drawing clothes, fashion events or managing a fashion house. If you want to pursue a career in this industry you will have to work harder and develop several skills.

Fashion Design Courses in Chandigarh

You should start meeting people in the fashion industry as early as possible preferably while you are still a fashion design student. Keep your eyes open for paid and unpaid internships. Your skill set can be cultivated with the right training. The scope of Fashion Design is not only restricted to garments; it contains several other aspects like accessories jewelry, footwear and many more. If creative expression is your thing, you may become fashion consultant, fashion forecaster, fashion entrepreneur, fashion stylist photographer, assistant designer, production supervisor, fashion merchandiser, quality supervisor and costume designer, pattern maker and fashion illustrator.

Indeed Fashion Designing Course is righteous choice and it has bright future and it is considered as one of the highly growing and best paying industry today.

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