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Space plays a major role in designing interiors. More space equals more designing ideas. It’s fun to design a larger space as we can accommodate every bit of our idea to make a picture perfect design. A Nice use of space is taught in Best interior Designing Courses in Chandigarh. But, if there is shortage of space then designing interiors is a big challenge. We can win this challenge by using some of the following design hacks.

Use light colors- by using light and subtle shades we can make a small area look large and spacious. You can use beige and creams. Dark hues make room appear small. Best Interior Design Institutes in Chandigarh gives you the right knowledge on use of proper colors.

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Provide storage under stairs- its great idea to utilise the space beneath the staircase to overcome the space issue. One can make shelves and drawers below the stairs to store some smaller things like medicines or stationery or it can be your office files and laptop.

Hang mirrors where possible- one more hack to make small place look large is to hang mirrors on walls. Large mirrors reflect the space and trick our minds in a way that we assume that the room is spacious and large. Moreover, they brighten up the room. Learn more about hanging concepts at IIFD i.e. Best Interior Designing College in Chandigarh.

Fold down table – this is the table which you can fold down when required and then again fold up into the wall when not in use. This can be fixed to the wall and can be used in bedrooms or dining areas, even it can be an ironing table. This saves a lot of space which is otherwise occupied by a permanent table placed in the room.

Hang your curtains as high as possible-another way to make your room look larger and wider is to hang the curtains closer to the ceiling. Some join a professional Best Interior Designing Course in Chandigarh offered by IIFD with great placement records. Also, extend the curtain rod four inches from both the ends of the window so that the window looks wider. This will make your room appear wider and larger.

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