How to Look Fashionable in Summers

Summers call for a different fashion look or better said, a different fashion feel. Comfort is a priority in summers but a true fashion lover can’t even compromise on their fashion goals. Thus, the best way to look great and feel great in summers is to find a perfect blend of summer fabric, colour, design and fit. Sometimes we feel that office formals don’t allow a range of options to us for summers but you’ll be surprised to know how cool formals can look while looking corporate presentable. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping for your summer wardrobe.

Fabric – The first thing to keep in mind is fabric. The queen of summer fabrics is cotton. Cotton can make you feel comfortable all day long. This natural fabric is soothing to the skin, allows circulation and sweat to evaporate, keeping you cool and light for even long hours. Cotton blouses can be the most fashionable outfit for women. Flowing fabrics can give you a boho chic look and make you feel laid back and chilled in summers. Indie garments can also be used for this purpose. For men, cotton shirts and t-shirts with a trendy print are one of the best opportunities to look out-of-the-box and smart. Another fabric that is in vogue is linen. Linen pants can replace denims like no other fabric. The stylish vibe is doubled with a sense of casual charisma to survive the summer heat. Even other thick fabrics or synthetic fabric must be avoided to prevent the skin from getting suffocated. Fabrics suited for summers could be like Rayon, Chambray, etc.

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Colour – Colours play an essential role in shaping summer fashion. Cool, soothing colours are the most appealing due to the extreme heat and bright sun of the weather. Natural colours like sky blue, lemon green, baby pink, salmon and white are some good options to carry through different apparels in summer. All pastel shades are encouraged for summer outfits. White can be the most versatile colour of all in summers. Carrying white with grace and subtle charm can be the best feeling. These colours are gender neutral. Both men and women can kick it off with style with light colors which are almost therapeutic to the eyes. Women can wear shirts, crop tops, short kurtis or long flowing dresses of these colours. Trousers can have khaki green, beige, cream or light blue shades instead of black, dark blue or grey.

Fit – Although the 21st century believes in skinny jeans and narrow fits, summer clothes’ fit have a different logic behind them. The aim is to look smartly dressed and yet stay breezy. The best way one can do this is by wearing loosely fit summer clothes. This means that trousers become straight fit or wide legged and shirts become flowing like butter on bodies. Loose shirts can be styled during casual wear by tying them up by the corners allowing the collars to hang loose. Kurtis can be A-line to give it a beach dress look instead of traditional fits. Whether that be any outfit, the aim must always be to wear breathable.

Prints – Prints can completely change the look of apparel. Thus, different weathers have different prints associated to them in the universe of fashion. While checks and solid colored clothes are meant for winters, summers have something more relaxed and beachy in store. Summer collections usually have floral prints and in today’s era of developing equality, even men can carry florals with panache. Another print that is popular for summer wear is block print. Block print sarees, suits and duppattas are sought after greatly. With the neon trend coming up, abstract shapes have also started gaining attention among prints. Whether that be aeroplanes on plain shirts or sail boats, even emojis, innovative prints are selling out in the current market.

It is also a notion that offices do not allow fancy summer formals but the beauty of summer fashion is that you can rock light shades fabulously without breaking the code of your workplace. Women also have this advantage and a little more option because they can switch from western to Indian and back whenever they want to. The summer fashion pool has enough to offer everyone some summer goodness.

This summer fashion tips are brought to you by Indian Institute of Fashion and Design – IIFD

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