How POP ART AND FASHION Became Best Friends?

Pop art emerged in the fifties and ever since, it has been going well with the fashion industry. The overall motive of the pop art movement was to rebel against the elitist values and other norms by showcasing dull living experiences, introducing a part of culture of the masses. The art originally started as a movement and later the artists bonded with fashion designers and thus pop art and fashion became best of friends. A good reflection of these arts can be found in Top Fashion Designing College Student’s work and sheets.

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Famous artist of the pop art era, Andy Warhol was one of the first artists who developed tight-knit relations with designers by hosting parties and get-togethers at his studio, The Factory. He made a mark on the fashion world with his famous paper dresses. He turned his art into paper dresses, printed with his famous and ground breaking art like the Campbell’s The Souper dress, which became the most recognized and popular artwork. Students who really wants to learn should head toward the Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh and there only 1 name comes up if IIFD. Apart from Warhol himself, other designers like Yves Saint Laurent introduced a full-fledged collection called The Pop art Collection in 1966, which openly referenced the art revolution. Later on, other designers started incorporating his prints and artwork into their designs. First of them were Gianni Versace, who used his work for his spring summer collection, 1991. Christian Dior himself used pop art into his collection. Last month IIFD Students presented the collections based on same pattern and hence the institute becomes the one and only one choice for Fashion Design Courses in Chandigarh.

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Modern day designers, such as Jeremy Scott has also created his collection on the Pop Art movement. He showcased his designs for Moschino in 2014, referencing Pop Art by incorporating commercial brands like McDonald’s and Frito-Lay in his collections. Pop art is one form of art which can never go out of style and its streak is never-ending. A most trending career option for students these days is getting a Fashion Designing Degree from IIFD Chandigarh. There are new age artists who take inspirations from daily life and mundane lifestyles. The designs inspired by consumerism are very happy-go-lucky and eye catching, thus making a favorable inspiration for fashion garments. One who really wishes to see their name as brand or famous fashion designer must go for Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh offered with 100% placement assistance by IIFD.

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