Why Fashion Research is Important for Fashion Designer?

It is often assumed that Fashion designing is a creative process and thus does not need much mental work or research. This notion is completely false. Creativity is incomplete without research. Research is that component which makes any brand successful. The fashion industry is a research intensive industry where innovation and experimentation are combined with research to craft the best design. Research, in the fashion industry is needed for many purposes. The broadest research is required for the in depth knowledge of market. Understanding the business environment is critical to make well thought through predictions of future trends. Any fashion entity can only survive in the industry if he/she can understand and study the market and its demands.

A brand which can predict future demand through statistics and logical deduction stays ahead in the competition. Another part of this to be informed about fashion standards and benchmarks, both national and international. Quality products can only be produced if national and international standards are adhered to. Quality and comfort are coming into priority and limelight for most of the customers. It can also keep one at par with all the international fashionistas which is the best way to find inspiration and your own unique style of design. Exploring through research has been made easy through the advent of technology and widespread use of the internet and social media. The strategic use of social media is also a part of the research and designers who know how to use this tool have a command over the industry. Well researched and informed media marketing decisions can make designs global sensations. Our horizon is widened as a designer when we explore all these diverse styles and themes.

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Understanding other designer’s sense of style is not only a learning experience but also inspirational. Once you have dived into the worlds of various designers, you can evolve your own style. Seeking and experimenting with themes for fashion exhibitions and shows is also necessary. Themes like Vintage, retro, ethnic, contemporary etc can be delved into in detail with the help of thorough research. Themes can play a pivotal role in making a strong impact on global audiences. Causes such as women empowerment or racism can be used to use fashion for a cause. Many great designers have made history using this technique. Research is incorporated in every process of design. Right from the beginning to the very end, at every stage, technical processes must be researched and cross referred. Secondary research is as important as primary research. Sharpening and polishing technique is also done through research. A cutting edge technique can be developed and reached which is inclusive of the most advanced techniques in the entire industry. Below are the process of which research is an integral part of;

1. The first step is make a rough draft of the design which pens down the raw idea. This has all the ingredients that a customer demands. Also a customer profile is maintained to evolve the style in a customized manner.

2. The second step is to conduct a research for the brief which consists of the primary research. Elements of fabric, print, and fit is taken into account.

3. With this researched matter, a comprehensive theme is developed. The theme corresponds to the requirements and demands.

4. Then comes the stage of the secondary research. This stage is for enhancements, modifications and improvisations.

5. The end result is finally made with finishing touching and elements that make a design a bestselling product.

Thus, a Fashion designing is a blend of research and creativity. If one element is missing, the other cannot sustain. Fashion research is important for a skillful fashion designer and one can become expert in this by joining fashion designer courses from a reputed fashion designing college or institute just like Indian Institute of fashion and design – IIFD.

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