Role Of Windows In Interior Design in Chandigarh

Windows have a huge role in interior design. These are not only used for light and ventilation but also act as main element in designing an interior wall. Large windows with beautiful copings or carvings look aesthetically pleasing and give a sense of grandeur to a place. A window of Interior Designing Career can be opened by Joining the Best Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh i.e IIFD.

The frame of these windows can create a dramatic effect when painted in bold and bright colors. It lightens up the dull walls. Frames can be made with different materials available in the market like stainless steel, aluminium, UPVC and wood.

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With the growing trend of pastel shades in paints and varnishes, windows now a days can be seen painted in shades of blue, pink, yellow pastels. All these shades look very pleasing to eyes and thus can be used in nursery windows or in children’s bedroom windows to give a neutral effect. Most of the interior designers used to adopt this approach that they learnt from Best Interior Designing Colleges in Chandigarh.

Not only window frames but window glasses can also be painted .Yes u read that right, window glass can be tinted in beautiful colors by creating interesting patterns such as geometrical shapes or composition of flowers or some other figures. These look like go this windows which can be easily seen in old churches and historical monuments of France and Europe. Modern Interior Designing students seek for Best Interior Designing Courses in Chandigarh and the name comes out is IIFD.

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Embellishments can be done to window sills and lintels with different carving designs to get interesting patterns in interiors. As per requirement, different windows can be made like sliding windows save a lot of Interior space .Bi-fold windows have panels that can be folded upon themselves hence they can be used for tight spaces. Awning windows also save a lot of space as they open outwards and they have their hinges on the top. Another option for awning windows is casement windows which also open in outward direction. These are the various windows which can be used to beautify your house along with serving the practical needs.

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