Roles & Importance of Pattern Making in Fashion Designing

In today’s world pattern making has become necessary for a fashion designer to make garments of different body sizes. Pattern making is quite interesting and important for a student and it helps the people of any age groups to interpret the designs and understand the design with technical ability. A nice cover-up of this is taught at Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh i.e. IIFD.

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There are three different types to prepare a pattern i.e. Drafting, Draping and Flat paper pattern making. Drafting involves measurement derived from sizing systems or accurate measurements taken on a person, dress or body form. Measurements for different body parts is taken i.e. Nape to neck to waist, waist, neck and hip circumference, Armscye depth, shoulder to bust, bust point to bust point and so on, and seam allowances are marked on pattern, construction lines are marked to finish the pattern. It is done on brown paper and helps to create basic patterns; foundation of new designs can be easily made. One can gain a deep understanding of this by Joining IIFD that’s recognized as Top Fashion Design College in Chandigarh.

Draping involves of two or three dimensional piece of muslin fabric around a form. It is a very creative method of making a pattern which also saves time and the design can be checked on the dummies itself. Secondly, the measurements can be adjusted accordingly.

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Flat paper pattern includes a basic fitted pattern to fit a person’s body form and gives comfort to it. This is a simplest method in which sloper is made and used for many design variations. Ret-a-Porter market widely uses this method as it is more accurate and fast. Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh is a dead need of every student but IIFD makes it a reality for students with a deep practical knowledge of it.

Fold lines, grain lines and bias are marked on a drafting to complete a commercial paper pattern. Notches are given to a pattern for better fittings. It is easier and less time consuming for a garment maker or designer to communicate with pattern maker, cutting master and sewing machinist. Small indents are marked on seam allowances outer edges of the pattern. Notches help the tailor to avoid defects and sewn all the parts of garment together correctly. This indicates the pattern maker to line up all the parts of pattern.

In current scenario, pattern making is also been taken as a professional course in Fashion Designing. So come ahead to fulfil you’re found of Best Fashion Institute in Chandigarh by choosing IIFD as your creative career partner.


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