What is the role of technology in fashion designing?

There are numerous ways in which Technology is changing the dynamics of the fashion industry. The fashion industry, like every other industry is using technology for speedy growth and progress. Many fundamental processes have incorporated the use of technology and reduced time and labour costs along with higher consumer satisfaction. But this is not the end, let’s see the number of ways technology aids fashion designing and propagates it as well.


Fashion processes use apps which make these processes comprehensive, intelligent and efficient. Some designing softwares enhance processes of fitting or trial by simulating a virtual interface between the designer and the client. Not only this but fashion designing softwares can save the process history and aid the designer for future reference and guidance. It can protect information and trade secrets as well much more than it was physically possible earlier. These software carry the intellectual property of any company and thus must be secured.

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Social Media

One of the biggest market boosters is today’s social media. One of the most powerful way for a fashion designer to explore, network, promote themselves and build a name and fame for themselves. They can also connect to larger clienteles or international clients and promote their fashion designing work globally. Collaborations have become much faster and easier. Various opportunities can be identified and availed. It is rightly said that technology has overcome all geographical barriers. Social Media also helps link Fashion to a cause. There are many fashion brands that express their support through social media and their clothesline.

E- Commerce

Another product of technology is E-commerce. It is truly a boon for the Fashion industry. With the market shifting on screens like mobile phones or laptops, everything is so much more accessible and convenient. One can shop for hours and hours in the comfort of his/her home and get the best variety, quality and delivery of goods. Goods from overseas have also become attainable which otherwise could not even be imagined. Moreover, so many new fashion design brands have sprouted making the fashion market more competitive and free. All of which have been healthy consequences for the industry.

Payment portals

More and more transactions have started becoming cashless with the advent or softwares like Paytm. Even if someone wants to shop by physically visiting showrooms, they need not worry about carrying a lot of cash because they can use such apps or a card both of which are safer than hard cash. There are some enterprizes that promote this method of payment by attaching points or other benefits to it which makes it a whole lot better.

Thus, technology and fashion have become inseparable. A student of fashion designing can no longer expect to work without getting a good hang of the technological aspects of fashion. There have been some changes in the curriculum and at many places a separate discipline called Fashion Technology has been introduce to acquaint the new minds of the Fashion industry to the technology used in the processes of fashion and equip them to master them at the very beginning of their careers. Many people have a notion that technology in some ways alters the core of fashion and the traditional skills are no longer required today. This notion is false. Technology may have made some technical skills dispensable but along with knowledge of these fashion designing software and techniques, the core skills are still required to become a successful fashion designer. Although technological skills have become an addition to the core skills which one has to understand and befriend in order to climb the fashion ladder smoothly. If used correctly and tactfully, technology can become the best friend of a fashion designer even to understand and learn fashion comprehensively and master it.

To get proper knowledge of these fashion designing tools, software and techniques you can join fashion design courses at some reputed fashion college or institute like IIFD – Indian Institute of Fashion and Design situated at Chandigarh and Mohali Punjab.


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