Things to Consider Before Enrolling in Fashion Design College

Fashion education is not too old or traditional in India. Indian Fashion colleges are still developing to compete with international fashion design colleges or institutes. They are crafting curriculums which are constantly evolving. While choosing a good fashion design college, you must be ahead of the rest to exactly know the criteria of selection. The material on the internet can often be confusing or disorienting so you must have your focus clear and sharp. The basic requirements from a fashion designing college/institute are just as acquiring any other degree certificate. The degrees should be industry specific and industry recognized. It must also provide placements with good fashion designers or brands.

Fashion Design Course

There are some other factors you must consider before enrolling onto a fashion design course.

  • You should view the curriculum of the fashion designing course before registering to it. A curriculum which meets national and international fashion standards and trends is the most beneficial for any student. To understand the curriculum better you should make a comparative study with other institutes and colleges.
  • The institution should provide technical and creative guidance to every student apart from the course curriculum and completion. Students who will have greater exposure will be at an advantage after the completion of the course. Exposure in terms of the latest technologies and techniques used. Tools used by designers also keep on changing and evolving. Students must be aware of these as it can give them an impetus to stay updated and upgraded. This habit will be useful in the long run as well.
  • A comparative may also be drawn between the fees of different fashion design courses. You mustn’t be influenced by the costliness of the course or judge the standard of a course by its price. This will fool you into a doing a basic design course which is overpriced. Another tendency you must curb is believing the commercial propaganda which every institute tries its best to do and attract students. You can only do this when you are aware of the actual parameters. So keep grounded and focused and don’t get swayed by the various superficial stunts of fashion schools. Even the reputation of a school is not trustable. You must not be overwhelmed by the prestige or brand name of a college. Instead you should attempt to assess the trainers and the students with whom you will be studying. Understanding the classroom environment is also important. The luxuries of a classroom can be overlooked but the study environment cannot.
  • If it is accessible, try to know about the alumni of the school and where they are currently in the ladder of the fashion industry. They can give you fair picture of the quality of the fashion degree and the school’s sincerity towards their students regarding their careers. You should also enquire about the network of the school and whether it allows students exposure during the course such as fashion trade fairs, exhibitions, fashion shows etc which can give a real-life experience of the industry to students.
  • Lastly, with the vast ocean of online information you can also search for online reviews which act as feedback for the fashion course. And with all this done you really have a better shot to choose the right fashion design institute for you. It will also help you identify your preferred course and help you get a good idea about how suited you are for any course. It is ultimately you and not your peers or a friend who is going to do the course and thus, it should be you who should do the research and feel right about choosing it.

These are some things to consider while choosing a good fashion design institute for you. If you are residing in Chandigarh and want to do any type of degree and diploma courses in fashion designing, interior designing, textile designing then Indian Institute of Fashion & Design – IIFD is right option for you. For any query or course inquiry visit here.

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