How VISUAL MERCHANDISING Plays an Important Role in Fashion Designing

Visual merchandising is the art of presenting store by displaying products to educate the costumer and to increase sales. It gives costumer the desire to buy the goods. Visual merchandising is a term in which visual means to see and merchandising means to promote goods by their sale and present products in retail market. Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh are really a proven success fact in this field. Visual merchandising is described by everything you see and experience when you walk up into a retail store. It provides expansion to the store and grows sales generation, promote the goods, increase image of the company and share market, gives profit to the retailer and manufacturer.

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Nowadays, visual merchandising plays a vital role in retail market. People do not shop rarely to buy their needs, but to satisfy their wants. Going for a window shopping has become a favourite pastime for every consumer. A professional Fashion Designing Course from Best Fashion Designing College in Chandigarh may help one to convert window shoppers to potential buyers. Window display and interior of the store attract the costumer attention and gives the desire to purchase the products. Retail market uses many elements to display in a store for example Lighting, color, and music, store interior and exterior products.

Visual merchandising is a new concept to present products with lighting as it is a very important part for a store to highlight goods and their features. Display of a store requires emphasis it can be done through lighting. Color is used for eye appearance and is also considered to be the most powerful tool for visual merchandising. It attracts and pulls more & more costumer to the store. This concept also gave birth to thousands of fashion designer aspirants to go for Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh. Color gives the identification to the theme and mood to a particular brand. A visual merchandiser can work on any theme and mood according to the occasion.

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Fixtures used to display an interior are Waterfall, T-Stand, Four Way Rack, Carousels (Circular shape Rack), Dump bins and Tables. Safety pins, fluffy balls, mannequins can be used as Accessories for store interior. A merchandiser role is to display goods on every window for good and attractive store and to avoid emptiness space in the store. Closed window, Open back windows, Shadow box windows, Focal Angled windows, Rack windows and Corner windows must be filled with products and theme based articles. Let’s play more with these tools are IIFD that assist all of students with 100% placements which makes it the Best Fashion Designing College in Chandigarh.

Hence, Indian Institute of Fashion and Design (IIFD) has taken the initiative to provide education about Visual merchandising.

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