What Fashion Appeal to you?

Fashion found its way into human life a long time ago. At first, it was considered a privilege only for the aristocracy. Something that only the rich could understand and afford. Gradually, it started touching a common man’s life as well. It started finding association with identity, mood, utility and many other human elements. Today, in the 21st century, the industry of fashion takes up a good percentage of the economy establishing its importance in the mass’ lives. Globalization of the market has made it more accessible for common man to obtain exactly what they want. The boundaries are fading. Fashion has truly brought the west and east together. This unity is illustrated in many Global fashion events.

What is it exactly about fashion that is so appealing? If we think about it. We care so much about how we and our loved ones dress. We want the best of brands our closets. We keep up to date with the latest trends, celebrity fashion choices, and most importantly our customized personal collection; precisely combined and matched, enhanced by accessories and footwear. Ask yourself why you care so much about fashion. The question seems perplexing but the answer is simple. Fashion has become an integral part of our personality. It defines one part of our identity. It fulfills our social needs to look not only presentable but attractive but actually it is more than this. Fashion gives us an opportunity to express ourselves to the external environment. Whether that be our friends, our workplace, social gatherings or casual strolls. Our external environment is constantly perceiving our presence and our physical appearance is a strong factor for interpretation. Though we never pay attention on these processes going on in our minds, they happen spontaneously and automatically. This is where fashion plays a key role.

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Fashion has a unique meaning in each of our lives. You must have observed some people paying more attention to it and some paying less attention. The reason is that we all have our own understanding of fashion. If we observe how fashion appeals among different ages, we will realize that as children our wardrobes are heavily influenced by our parent’s fashion senses. Drawing a comparison to the sense of identity, we do not develop one when we are young. Slowly as our minds develop and our opinions shape differently than our parents, we see a divergence in our fashion sense as well. While discovering oneself, fashion keeps us company all along the journey and changes according to various influencers such as our favorite rock band, celebrity, idols, and some of us even edge towards a fashion sense which sounds absurd to others. All this is a natural course when it comes to the evolution of a personalized steady style. When we grow a little more mature, we find ourselves circling down in terms of styles, designs and colors. We figure out what suits our body types, social image and requirements. And this is when our appeal for Fashion Design stabilizes. It is no longer something abstract but something so natural that we can’t imagine our bodies in diverse sets of clothes. Even then fashion keeps tempting us with new styles and trends so that we desire something fresh and fulfilling.

If we talk in terms of economic classes, fashion is perceived totally different among all of them. For the upper class, fashion is necessity. Spending time, attention and money on fashion seems a part of their lifestyle. This is how they showcase the most upstate fashion looks and put in a great amount of effort maintaining it. For the middle class, fashion must be accompanied by utility. It must adapt into their struggles of day to day living. And thus, they prefer affordable and utility oriented fashion.

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