What is TEXTILE? A Simple Guide To Different Types Of Textiles

What is TEXTILE?

Textile is a material that is created through weaving/knitting/knotting/crocheting etc. the process of obtaining textile is as follows

TEXTILE            YARN           FABRIC

Fiber is a thread like structure that can be obtained from plants/animals or can even be man made. It is then converted into yarns-strand like structure, through the spinning process. These yarns are further converted into yards of fabric through textile methods like weaving, knitting, crochet etc.

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Textiles can be broadly classified into 5 categories based on their fiber type:

  1. Animal Textile
  2. Plant Textile
  3. Mineral Textile
  4. Synthetic Textile
  5. Blended Textile


The fiber obtained to create animal textile is obtained from hair, fur, skin.

  • Wool is obtained from the hair of a sheep or goat. The process of removing hair from the body is known as shearing, which is washed, graded, dyed and then dried before getting converted into a yarn.
  • Silk is again an animal textile obtained from the fibers of cocoon of the silkworm which is further spun and converted into yarns.


Plant fibers can be obtained from seed ( cotton), stem(jute), leaves( manila), fruit(coir)

  • Fibers of cotton, jute, hemp and bamboo are mostly used for clothing with a blend of other fibers as required.
  • Coir is a coconut fiber used to make doormats, mattresses, brushes etc.
  • The bark of lace bark tree is used in making ropes.

Plant based fibers are also known as” bast fibers”


The fibers under this category are usually inorganic. They can be both natural and man made.

  • Metal fibers can be used to make clothes of gold.
  • Glass fiber is used in protective fabric- soundproof, fireproof and insulating fabrics.


Mainly used in production of clothing, including fibers like polyester, spandex, nylon, acrylic etc. these  fibers are usually blended with other fibers when used.


Usually produced by combining 2 or more yarns to obtain the desired properties. The category of textile can be chosen according to the end use of it. All fibers, yarns, fabrics have different chemical properties and thus the process of manufacturing the textile and the kind of finish to be used purely depends on the end use of the same.


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