A Day in the Life of an Interior Design Student

The journey of an interior design student is as dynamic and creative as the field itself. Each day is a blend of learning, inspiration, and practical experience. This article will take you through a typical day, shedding light on what it’s like to be part of a leading Interior Design College in Kolkata.

Morning: A Fresh Start with Creativity

A typical day for an interior design student at an institute like Indian Institute of Fashion & Design, IIFD Kolkata, starts early. Mornings are reserved for theoretical classes where students delve into the fundamentals of interior design. These
sessions cover a range of subjects such as colour theory, space planning, architectural history, and design principles. The classrooms are equipped with modern facilities, providing an ideal environment for learning. Students often
find these sessions engaging as they are not merely about lectures but involve interactive discussions and activities that stimulate creative thinking.

Mid-Morning: Practical Sessions and Workshops

After the theoretical classes, students move on to practical sessions. Workshops are an integral part of the curriculum, where students apply what they’ve learned in a controlled setting. These sessions might include creating mood boards, sketching floor plans, or using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Under the guidance of experienced faculty, students learn to translate their ideas into tangible designs.

Lunch Break: Networking and Relaxation

The lunch break is more than just a time to eat; it’s an opportunity for students to network and share ideas. This mingling of different perspectives often leads to interesting conversations and collaborative projects. For interior design students, it’s a chance to discuss trends, exchange tips, and sometimes even critique each other’s work.

Afternoon: Site Visits and Real-World Exposure

One of the highlights of studying at an Interior Design Institute in Kolkata like IIFD is the emphasis on real-world exposure. Afternoons are often dedicated to site visits. These excursions are invaluable as they allow students to observe and understand the practical aspects of interior design. Whether it’s visiting a newly constructed building, an ongoing renovation project, or a historically significant site, these visits provide insights that can’t be gained in a classroom. Students learn about material selection, project management, and client interaction firsthand.

Evening: Guest Lectures and Extracurricular Activities

The day often concludes with guest lectures or extracurricular activities. IIFD Kolkata frequently invites industry professionals to speak about current trends and share their experiences. These sessions are inspiring and offer students a glimpse into the professional world. Additionally, there are various clubs and societies related to design and art where students can further hone their skills and express their creativity.

Conclusion: A Holistic Learning Experience

Being an interior design student at IIFD Kolkata is a comprehensive learning experience. The blend of theoretical knowledge, practical application, real-world exposure, and extracurricular activities ensure that students are well-prepared for a career in interior design.

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