What is Fashion Cycle? Know more about trends & styles in fashion designing.

Fashion is predominantly driven by the consumers. It’s a myth that consumers wear what the designers make them wear. In fact it’s the other way round. The designers and companies sell fashion that the consumers want to buy. The producers must respond to the ever-changing movement of this demand. This is a continuous process and because of this movement, The Fashion Changes. Before Jumping Into the field of Fashion Designing, one must look for top fashion institute for Best Fashion Designing Courses near around. If you are in Chandigarh then IIFD is the name that comes at top in the stack.

Like every commodity, Fashion has a life-span. The period of time or life-span during which the Fashion exists is called the Trend. The Style is a particular look, shape or type of the apparel. Fashion can be called as the style that is popular at particular period of time. Fashion evolves slowly and gives time to the customers to get used to the latest trends or style. Indian Institute of Fashion & Design, the Best Fashion Designing Colleges in Chandigarh facilitate students in same process of learning for trends & styles in field of fashion.

Fashion Cycle has phases that describe the length and popularity of a particular style. The Cycle begins with Introduction of the style. This is the stage where the designs are previewed and approved at major design houses. At this stage, the customers have minimal involvement and fashion is driven by Fashion icons, Experts and leaders. The prices are higher and the quantities produced are small.

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The next stage is the Rise of a style. This phase sees the acceptance of fashion/ style in the masses. The manufacturers adopt designs and mass produce them in more affordable prices and minimal details. This stage is where the style is accepted by the people, with little tweaks and adaptations. To go for a deep dive into this you should search for a Fashion Designing College.

After the Fashion has reached the masses, It goes in its Peak phase. This is where the fashion is most popular. There are so many versions of the style and price variations. This is the stage which determines if the fashion is here to stay or vanish. If the style is short lived, it’s called a Fad, if it stays for a longer period of time, Say, a decade or more, it’s considered as classic.

Fashion Designing Colleges in Chandigarh

After reaching its prime, the fashion starts declining. It has seen the rise and peak and now there are so many versions of the style in market that is has flooded. New styles start coming up and previous style sees a decrease in demand, as people refuse to pay high price of the style. The retail markdowns occur and Sales and offers urge the customers to make purchases.

After the decline, the fashion becomes outdated or obsolete. Consumers don’t want to see the fashion in market and they stop buying it, the prices steep low and the retailers stop re-stocking. This is how the Fashion undergoes various phases, thus forming a Fashion Cycle. Fashion cycle is never-ending and it keeps moving forward with new styles coming out each season. To be a part of this cycle and create something extraordinary in the field of fashion join the Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh offered by IIFD with 100% placements.

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