How to Design Your Future with Rewards by Pursuing Fashion Designing Courses?

With a range of design courses available including fashion, interior and textile designing, fashion designing is one of the most popular design courses in India and abroad. In well-known fashion institutes, it is available as undergraduate, diploma and postgraduate courses. Nowadays, this course comes with certain specialized programs as well, which are covered in lesser duration than normal UG/ PG courses but prove to be of high value when it comes to pursuing a career in fashion designing.

If you are someone who finds an inclination towards fashion designing, then you would be delighted to know that fashion designing careers have picked up such a fast-growing pace in the industry, resulting in even greater career opportunities. It opens up a lot of options in, but not limited to, fashion boutiques, textile houses, brand showrooms, TV & film industry, multiple retail chains, etc. Not only that, one can work independently (self-employed) as a fashion designer. This creative field enables one to think out of the box, and offers interaction with clients all across the world.

Not just in India, now top companies are recruiting design graduates ‘globally’ including Allen Solly, Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Raymond, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, etc. As fascinating as it sounds, it is equally obvious that just like any other course; only acquiring the degree is not enough. One has to stand out not just in terms of knowledge, but exposure, the experience one gains from internships, interacting with people across the industry, and of course by research.

One such factor which matters the most here is the fashion designing college / institute you chose for your degree. Experience that one gets by studying the field practically, actually ‘Applying’ the theoretical knowledge, from a reputed institute, is unmatched! Whatever your specific field of interest in fashion designing be, chose your college wisely; because let’s be honest, these two-three years of college shape the base of one’s career. One such fashion designing institute, which is also a top choice for design students, is Indian Institute of Fashion & Design (IIFD). It is considered as the best fashion design college in Chandigarh, and ensures an unparalleled exposure in this industry, through field visits, internships & hands-on experience, all of which adds up to build the confidence one needs while aiming for high rewards in this domain!

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