Importance of Visual Merchandising

Introduction to Fashion merchandising the term merchandiser defined as a person who do buying and selling of goods for the purpose of making a profit in fashion industry. There are different types of merchandising profiles which are meant to perform different types of functions altogether different stage of a fashion industry over the year of growth of merchandising as a discipline in the fashion industry there have been many changes in the job profile of merchandising. It has changed from the simple to a much more Complex job transcending almost all function in Fashion Design industry this is lead to be a change in the skills required for the job and evaluation of the discipline of fashion merchandising

The role of merchandising is very crucial and demanding in Fashion Designing industry the development of design production execution and Sourcing selling the Merchandise to customer and displaying the Merchandise at the tales of these are the function of fashion merchandiser at different level of industry.

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5 types of merchandising you should know

• Visual merchandising
• Retail merchandising
• Digital merchandising
• Product merchandising
• Omni channel merchandising

Visual merchandising is used to highlight the products and its features to certain display techniques it could be proper product placement lightning design and spacing between the products. Retail merchandising is used to sell products to customer the promotional and marketing activities The products are sold and in physical stores like mall events or Break on motors stores, Digital merchandising it is used to sell products online.

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Also known as e-Commerce or online merchandising, it is a technique of promoting products online through ads email marketing social media marketing Omni channel merchandising is used to create a better experience for the customers throughout their buying journey all kinds of tractors or activities are covered at all the points. Product merchandising is all about products promoting the products to generate revenue .The product can be of any type like a digital product or physical product that is available in retail store.

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