The Courses to Pursue for Fashion Designing

If you always find yourself searching for fashion designing career options, what courses to pursue, and are still swimming in the pool of thoughts of whether you should go for fashion as a full-time career, then let me tell you, you are at the right place.

Fashion and design might not be a known genre in professional career, if you would have asked this a few years back. But now, it’s as normal as any other choice of interest. Today, a lot of well-known fashion designers already top the list and I need not mention they are doing exceptionally well in their fields!

Then what exactly to look for, after 12th

The art of beauty, aesthetically pleasing form of design, clothing and accessories including footwear etc. is what is collectively known as Fashion Designing. The idea and methodology used for fashion design varies widely when culture, time and region change for different people.

To go for fashion designing as the full-time job option, the first step is your interest in the field! The second step, obviously, is choosing the right course after 12th. The basic courses that most of the students go for are B.Sc., Diploma or specialized courses in fashion, design or textile. One must understand that as much as the course (degree) matters, the way of attaining that degree matters the same.

Fashion Designing Courses

Before finalizing the choice of course, one should know the various options available, to really go for the right one! The best colleges and institutes in fashion industry offer a large variety of courses for students, taking care of their specific interests and niche, so that one can study and learn the topics of their choices from the beginning itself. This helps build the career in specialized niche from the root of the learning.

One of the institutes that we recommend, which offers vast range of courses to choose from: UG, PG, Diploma, specialized courses, for all your needs. Indian Institute of Fashion and Design (IIFD) is one of the most reputed fashion designing college in Chandigarh, which caters to the interests of students having the Passion for Fashion.

Courses offered in Indian Institute of Fashion and Design (IIFD) The fashion designing courses in Chandigarh, as offered by IIFD, depending on your subject of interest:


B.Sc. in Fashion Design
Diploma in Fashion Design
M.Sc. in Fashion Design
M.F.A. in Fashion Design
MBA in Fashion Design


B.Sc. in Textile Design
Diploma in Textile Design
M.Sc. in Textile Design
M.F.A. in Textile Design


B.Sc. in Interior Design
Diploma in Interior Design
M.Sc. in Interior Design
M.F.A. in Interior Design
MBA in Interior Design

Not just these, there are Advanced Diploma courses as options too, in all the three mentioned fields of fashion, design and textile. The Undergraduate (UG) and Diploma courses are options after 12th and the Post graduate (PG) courses of M.Sc., M.F.A. and MBA can obviously be opted after completion of the under graduate degree.

There are also certain specialized programs ongoing in the reputed institutes which one can opt for apart from these mentioned courses. The specialized programs offered are:

• Diploma in Fashion & Law
• Theatre Costume Design
• Fashion Journalism
• Fashion Styling & Forecasting

The correct choice of course, based on one’s interest, is very crucial in shaping their career paths. For the students who prefer online courses over regular offline ones, some of the options offered by IIFD are as listed:


• Concepts of Fashion Designing
• Fashion Forecasting
• Garment Construction
• Fashion Styling and Image Consulting
• Fashion Designing with C.A.D.
• Techniques of Fashion Draping
• Fashion Illustration for Beginners
• Fashion Luxury Brand Management, etc.


• Introduction to Textile Designing


• Concepts of Kitchen Designing
• Store Layout and Visual Merchandising
• C.A.D. for Beginners: Interior Design
• Advanced C.A.D.: Interior Design

IIFD is well known for its teaching faculty and methodologies, which are very well equipped with modern practices. Focusing on practical and application-based approach, with the theoretical learning, help the students get an edge over others in the field.

Not only in the three- or four-year course period, even after that, the opportunities that IIFD holds for the students in terms of jobs, career and overall development, are just some of the reasons why we recommend IIFD. The institute is known for its 100% fashion and design placement rate, which clears the confusion and doubts in the minds of students “What after college?”. Students indeed focus on learnings more than the future tension of placement and career, while being at IIFD, because the institute is taking care of that as well.

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