The History of Fashion Design Throughout The Ages

Fashion itself is a heavy word, as it includes the apparel style of a person from head to toe. The history of fashion is as old as the history of Kings and Queens. From that period of time, fashion has gone through many stages of revolution and innovation.

In today’s time, fashion is not only creating appealing apparel but also accessories to make the apparel more attractive.

History of Fashion Design

In the early times, fashion made the difference between the rich and the poor. It was first seen in the country of Egypt which could tell who is rich or who is poor. With the passage of time, a drastic change in fashion has been noticed.

During the Roman era, clothes symbolized the status of the class. Only the royal family and the nobles could afford to wear fancy clothes made of good fabric. The ladies never repeated their clothes when worn once. Fashion had made an important place in the mind of the people and the nobles started keeping fashion designers. The demand for fashion designers increased. During that time, Stola was the dress worn by the women and the men wore a draped cloth over their bodies named Toga.

The women in middle age used to wear ankle-length tunics. Brighter colours, better materials and long jackets were great symbols to show the great wealth of a person at that time. Towards the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the modern age, women started wearing flowing gowns and elaborate headwear. The men wore classy sported hose with a jacket, often with Pleating or a skirt or a tunic.

A few great examples of fashion icons at the time of middle age were Marie Antoinette, Queen of France and Rose Bertin the dressmaker of the queen. She made a great influence on the other rich women.

With the major impact of the industrial revolution, different styles of clothes made up of different fabrics were invented.

Today, with the passage of time, the old trend is converted into new trends. It was our ancestors like queen Marie, James Galanos, and Nina Ricci, who inspired the following generation which with their creativity have revolutionized the trends in fashion. Except for the clothing, there are different aspects of fashion which have been introduced and the study of the subject fashion design has become more vast than before.

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