The Latest Trends in Fashion Design

Everyone is aware of the diversity in the fashion design industry. It is also one of the fastest-growing industries. When someone applies for a fashion design course, they get to have so many options to choose from. The increasing demand for clothes can never stop. Every year the trend changes and people go crazy for trendy clothes.

Updated Athleisure:

The trend of skin-fitted jeans overpowered the trend of athleisure. But with the innovation in the style of Athleisure, it revived itself in the market. Today, they are pursued as very stylish and trendy. They look good mostly with loose and tight tank tops, tube bras for women, and casual tees for men.


People are of the view that the fashion of stripes is old-fashioned now. But they are wrong and have misunderstood the real meaning of fashion. Stripes have always been the trend as they speak out of simplicity and class. They can be styled in many ways and thus, always look good.


Muse is very trendy these days as it has a very versatile look. They can be worn with ethnic wear as well as with western wear. They give a sleek and classy look to the foot. Designers keep on bringing different and unique styles of mules as they are aware of the craze for mules among people.

Retro 80’s

Honestly, the trend back in the ‘80s was fabulous. Today again, people have started following the trend of the 80s with the trending trousers or pants. It gives a mixture of a cool and hot look. Different styled puff sleeves tops, ruffer tops, and bright-colored clothes are mind-blowing

Massive Handbags:

Ladies consider completing their look with massive handbags. These bags are of light weight, have more space, and look elegant. Another fact why ladies love to use it is because of its space. Especially for the working women class of society.

If you want to be a fashion designer or a fashion stylist, then keeping a tap on the latest trends is the most important task. Beside having theoretical knowledge acquired from a good fashion designing course, keeping yourself updated with the trends will help you to become a successful fashion designer. IIFD is the best fashion designing college in India. When you would be aware of the latest trends, it would become easy for you to stand out to the expectations of your client.

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