The Role of Technology in the Fashion Industry

From fashion designing software to marketing, technology has become an indispensable part of the fashion industry today. Ever since robots have started making apparel and Artificial Intelligence has been used to virtually experiment and try new designs, technology has brought a roundabout shift in the industry and its processes.

Fashion Design Courses today, aim to make their students well-versed and comfortable with inculcating technological advancements in fashion design today. Successful Fashion designers themselves have used technology as leverage to give sharper, more creative and appealing designs to their clients and have increased customer satisfaction significantly.

Role of technology in fashion designing

Both clients and fashion designers have benefited from the merits of technology. Below mentioned are some of the many ways that technology has been used in the fashion industry.

  • Software for Fashion Designing

Fashion designers today use various applications and software to make their manufacturing and designing more efficient. From making patterns to cutting techniques, from printing to stitching garments- software can be used almost everywhere.

  • Computer-Aided Design

With the help of a computer, designers can stitch or scan existing designs. They can even make required modifications in their designs. By helping designers visualize their designs, Computer Aided Design has increased the efficiency and productivity of fashion designers over the years.

  • 3D Body scanning

One of the biggest challenges faced by designers today is to design apparel according to the actual measurements and dimensions of their customers. That’s where 3D body scanning comes into play. It is a tool through which designers can make garments according to actual body measurements and dimensions that fits perfectly to the client.

  • E-commerce and Social media

The merits of social media for marketing are well evident if we look at the way ideas and creativity have been explored and shared online. Fashion designers can take inspiration from a plethora of websites online while also understanding the market of various trends and styles. Similarly, E-Commerce is a potential tool used by designers all over the world to make their garments and services accessible to users online.

The ever-growing market of the Fashion Industry and the efficacy of technology can be rightly used in the favour of fashion designers. This can only happen if they are trained in the skills required to use technology in fashion. IIFD Best Fashion Design Colleges in India that can help you master the skills of technology and increase your efficiency and productivity as a designer.

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