What is the duration of Interior Design course?

Interior designing course covers the major subjects of home architecture, layout, structural built, furnishings, decorations including colour schemes. An interior designer helps in converting a basic construction into an attractive establishment. It is not just limited to home spaces but industries, office buildings, restaurants and cafeteria, etc.

The duration of courses in interior design varies from 1 to 3 years depending on your preference. The top choice of students is usually B.Sc. in Interior Design which is of the duration of 3 years. The eligibility of this undergraduate course is 10+2 or equivalent. The Bachelor of Science course in Interior Design provides computer associated studies/ subjects as well like 3-D design and space management, graphic design, display & design software. This course opens various career fields for the students once they attain their degree.

Bsc in Interior Designing in Chandigarh

The curriculum in first year revolves around architecture, furniture design, building materials, design fundamentals, communication skills, colours and portfolio development. During the second year, students learn residential space and planning, furnishings, design studio, history of interior, construction detailing, interior lightning and CAD. Along with this, they also pursue a related internship program during the same year to gain the experience and knowledge. By the time they reach their final and third year, they study subjects like professional practice in interior design, interior landscaping, Estimating and costing, contemporary interiors, visual arts, Vaastu in interiors, photography, graphics and C.A.D, and portfolio building.

Pursuing this course from a reputed design institute like Indian Institute of Fashion & Design (IIFD) ensures that all these subjects and niches are well covered, both theoretically and practically, along with internships. This helps in building a great resume for the long-term career growth.

MSc In Interior Designing in Chandigarh

Other course options in interior designing include Diploma in Interior Designing (ID) which is of the duration of 1 to 2 years. This usually covers specialisations also, during the initial months of the course itself like soft furnishings, heritage design, outdoor living etc.

Our recommendation is, if you wish to pursue this as your career, then taking up the regular three- year course would be of greater benefit as it not only covers wide range of subjects that you study, but also opens up a list of career paths for you!

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