Which Are The Best Courses for Fashion Designing?

More the options, the better. Bigger the pool of choices, the easier. You must have heard this kind of statements that as the options increase, your choices increase too. Well, it is always good to have varieties in front of you, but for some, it might as well prove to be a dilemma. A situation where one gets confused in that pool of options, and might find themselves shifting out of focus.

With fashion and design a well-known full-time career nowadays, the paths available to pursue have increased in number too. Not always such choices have to be confusing for you, when you know what you want exactly, and when you know what’s ‘BEST for YOU’!

The available options

Before diving into the diversity of choices available, one must know where their interest lies! This is the most important factor in shaping one’s career. So, no matter where the crowd is going, you need not be following the same path, because at the end, what will build your future and the career is your driving passion towards what you do and why you do it.

Therefore, first of all, try finding your interest. It may change with time, and that’s okay. But as of now, the course you choose, it should be something you want to study, and the one that you wish to know more about in the near future.

Coming to the options, a lot of colleges out there offer numerous courses that you may choose from, in the fields of fashion, design and textile. One such fashion designing institutes we are discussing here is the Indian Institute of Fashion and Design (IIFD). IIFD is one of the most reputed fashion designing colleges in Chandigarh and is very well-known for its courses, faculty, placement rate, campus, and what not!

Focusing on the courses here, IIFD offers A LOT of courses in the three mentioned broad fields. It caters to the Under graduate (UG), post graduate (PG), specialized programs, and even online courses.

Fashion Design College

Courses offered in Indian Institute of Fashion and Design (IIFD)

There are a number of fashion designing courses in Chandigarh that IIFD offers. Depending on your specific niche, some of the courses available include B.Sc., Diploma, M.Sc., M.F.A., MBA in fashion, textile or interior designing.

Also, there are Advanced Diploma courses that you have as an option too, in all the three mentioned fields of fashion, design and textile. The Undergraduate (UG) and Diploma courses are options after 12th and one can go for the Post graduate (PG) courses of M.Sc., M.F.A. and MBA after the completion of the under graduate degree.

Apart from these, certain specialized programs that are ongoing in IIFD to enroll include Diploma in Fashion & Law, Theatre Costume Design, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Styling & Forecasting. If you are more inclined towards online courses, there are over ten fashion, design and textile courses to choose from!

The courses we recommend

So, as is very evident, you have a lot of options to go for. But knowing what’s best (generally) helps. When one thinks of fashion designing, they do not just see the upcoming three or two college years of studying, but the whole career life ahead of them. Therefore, if you really see fashion designing as your full-time profession, then you must take up the course which will open more career options for you as well.

For students currently in school, and who are willing to take up fashion design, we recommend going for B.Sc. in Fashion Design. The main reason being that as the subject has targeted vast market in today’s world, fashion designing is one such field which has gained the most attention! Being said that, textile and interior designing have gained interest too (as compared to before) but fashion designing still tops the list! Also amongst all the courses in fashion designing, the Bachelor in Sciences course covers all the important strands of the subject over the three year period, and the career options one has after graduating from B.Sc. in fashion designing are definitely more than any other specialized course.

Now, for students already done with their UG, the one course we recommend that you should go for in your post-graduation is the Masters course of M.Sc. in Fashion Design. The reasons being similar, it opens more roads that one can take after their PG, and it offers more specialized subjects to study during the period.

After studying these courses from IIFD, one will definitely think of placement/ job opportunities. IIFD takes care of that as well, not to mention that it has a 100% fashion and design placement rate, so whether you are graduating or post graduating from IIFD, we believe they have got you covered!

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