Best Fashion Designing Courses After 12th – Eligibility, Duration

Do you want to pursue a career in fashion but are unsure of where to begin? Do you want to know what courses in fashion design are available after the 12th grade? You’ve come to the right place if you said yes to either of these questions. This article will give you a thorough overview of post-secondary Fashion Design Courses that can help you launch a career in the fashion sector.

Overview of Fashion Design

Fashion design is a highly inventive and lucrative industry that entails creating apparel, accessories, and footwear. To produce beautiful and practical designs that keep up with ever-evolving fashion trends, a combination of artistic abilities, ingenuity, and technical understanding is needed. The fashion business has grown significantly in recent years and has entered a highly competitive market. Thus, in order to thrive in this profession, it is crucial to possess the appropriate abilities and information.

Fashion design courses after 12

After high school, there are numerous fashion design courses accessible. These Courses cover a range of fashion-related topics, including design, merchandising, marketing, and more. Let’s examine the most well-liked fashion design Courses available following the 12th grade:

  1. Bachelor of Design (B.Des)
    The four-year B.Des programme concentrates on the fashion design side of things. Students in this degree Course learn the fundamentals of design, such as colour theory, sketching, pattern building, and other topics. Additionally, students study the many fabrics, textiles, and materials that are employed in the fashion industry. Fashion designers, textile designers, and fashion illustrators are all professions open to B.Des graduates.
  2. B.Sc. In Fashion Designing
    A four-year degree Course called B.F.Tech concentrates on the technical side of fashion. The technical facets of fashion design, such as garment fabrication, production, quality control, and more, are covered in this degree Course . Graduates of the B.F.Tech Course can work as production managers, quality control managers, or fashion technologists.
  3. Diploma in Fashion Design
    The one-year Diploma in Fashion Design course gives students an introduction to the field of fashion design. Fashion illustration, textile design, garment production, and other topics are covered in this course. Graduates with a diploma can work as textile designers, fashion designers, or fashion illustrators.
  4. Certificate Course in Fashion Design
    The Certificate Course in Fashion Design is a brief course that provides students with a foundation in fashion design. The topics covered in this course range from pattern design to colour theory to sketching. Graduates of the certificate curriculum can find entry-level employment as junior designers or as assistants in the fashion industry.
  5. Fashion Styling and Forecasting
    Fashion styling refers to the art of creating visually appealing and harmonious outfits or looks for various mediums, including photo shoots, fashion shows, editorials, advertisements, and personal styling. It involves selecting and combining garments, accessories, and props to convey a specific message or aesthetic. The ultimate goal of fashion styling is to evoke emotions, tell a story, and capture the essence of a brand or individual’s style.

Admission criteria for fashion design courses
The requirements for admission to fashion design Courses differ from Course to Course. However, in general, students must have completed grade 12 to qualify for fashion design courses:

  • The applicant should have finished grade 12 in a recognized institution.
  • The applicant must have received at least a 50% on their 12th-grade exam.
  • Candidates may need to take an entrance exam or go through a personal interview to be considered for some courses.
  • Leading fashion design schools in India

In India, a number of prestigious institutions offer courses in fashion design. The following are the most well-known fashion design schools in India:

Indian Institute of Fashion & Design

In Chandigarh, India, Indian Institute of Fashion & Design is a prestigious fashion school. Since its establishment in 2004, it has grown to become one of the top fashion schools in the nation, providing a variety of courses in fashion design, textile design, interior design, and more. The IIFD is the ideal place to launch your career in the fashion industry since it places a strong emphasis on creativity, innovation, and practical skills.

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