Exploring Interior Designing Courses After 12th: A Pathway to Creative Spaces


Interior design is an exciting and dynamic field that involves creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. If you have a passion for transforming interiors and want to pursue a career in this creative domain, there are several interior designing courses available after completing your 12th grade. In this article, we will explore the various interior designing courses you can consider after 12th, their eligibility criteria, and the career prospects they offer.

Interior Designing Courses After 12th

(BID) Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design:

The Bachelor’s degree (BID) program in Interior Design is a highly sought-after option among students aiming to immerse themselves in the realm of interior design. These courses usually span four years, delivering in-depth knowledge and practical skills essential for a thriving career in the field. The curriculum encompasses a wide array of subjects including design principles, spatial planning, material selection, furniture design, lighting techniques, and computer-aided design (CAD). IIFD Fashion and design institute extend Bachelor’s degree programs in Interior Design, and the admission process typically involves merit-based criteria. These programs provide a solid foundation for aspiring designers, equipping them with the expertise needed to excel in the dynamic world of interior design.

B.Sc. Courses in Interior Design:

The BSc course in Interior Designing is a three years course. That equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a successful career in this dynamic field. Graduates often find employment in architectural firms, design studios, real estate companies, or even start their own ventures. So, if you aspire to make a mark in the world of interior design, consider enrolling in a BSc program and embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and endless possibilities.

Concepts of Kitchen Designing Course:

A course in kitchen designing introduces students to the art and science of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen spaces. Concepts of Kitchen Design is a 1 year course. Whether you aspire to become a professional kitchen designer or simply want to enhance your own culinary haven, this course will provide you with valuable insights and skills.The course delves into various concepts essential for kitchen design, such as spatial planning, ergonomics, storage solutions, and material selection. Students learn how to optimize workflow, incorporate efficient storage options, and integrate cutting-edge appliances seamlessly into the kitchen layout.With a strong foundation in kitchen designing, graduates of this course can pursue careers as kitchen designers, consultants, or even start their own design firms. They possess the expertise to craft remarkable kitchen spaces that balance functionality, aesthetics, and individual requirements.

Diploma in Landscape Design Course:

The Diploma in Landscape Design program offers a condensed duration of one year, making it an excellent option for individuals passionate about nature, design, and crafting captivating outdoor environments. This comprehensive course equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to transform outdoor spaces into stunning landscapes. The curriculum strikes a balance between fostering creativity and honing technical expertise. Students actively participate in hands-on projects, where they develop design proposals, create intricate plans, and bring their ideas to life in real-world settings. They also gain proficiency in using design software and stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the field. Upon completion of the Diploma in Landscape Design, graduates can pursue diverse career paths as landscape designers, consultants, or professionals in landscape architecture firms. With their acquired skills, they possess the ability to create outdoor spaces that enhance the quality of life, champion environmental sustainability, and establish a harmonious connection between people and nature.

Career Prospects:

After completing an interior design course, a plethora of career opportunities await. Graduates can work as interior designers in design firms, architectural companies, or set up their own design studios. They can specialize in residential design, commercial design, hospitality design, or exhibit design. Interior designers can also find employment in furniture companies, real estate firms, or work as design consultants. With experience and expertise, interior designers can progress to leadership roles such as design managers or creative directors. Additionally, pursuing higher education or specialized courses in areas like sustainable design or lighting design can further enhance career prospects.


Interior design courses after 12th provide a pathway to a creative and rewarding career in transforming spaces. Whether you choose a Bachelor’s degree, diploma course, or certificate program, each option equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field. Consider your interests, aspirations, and duration of study while selecting a course. Whichever path you choose, a career in interior design offers endless possibilities for self-expression, creativity, and making a positive impact on the built environment.

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